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Our company

Sydney, Australia

We’re a bootstrapped startup founded by two ex-Atlassians in October 2016. We believe that deeply understanding your customers is the secret ingredient to making great products, so we created Dovetail to help thousands of teams organize, analyze, and share their user research & customer feedback. Learn more or try Dovetail for free.


Benjamin Humphrey

CEO & Co-founder

Benjamin is a kiwi designer, developer, and entrepreneur living in Sydney. He loves creating world-class products and believes in the power of user research to do so. Previously Benjamin has led design projects at Atlassian, Delicious, and Ubuntu.


Brad Ayers

CTO & Co-founder

Brad’s a talented software architect living in Sydney. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Griffith University and previously worked as an architect at Atlassian. If you’re reading this then the site is up, so well done Brad. Keep it up.

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