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Our company

Sydney, Australia

Dovetail exists to make researcher’s lives easier. We are building an end-to-end research platform covering multiple research methods that helps to automate data collection and analysis. Spend less time on logistics, and more time learning stuff. Read more.


Benjamin Humphrey

Co-founder & Head of Design

Benjamin is a kiwi designer, developer, and entrepreneur living in Sydney. He loves great product design, the power of qualitative feedback, and apparently starting lots of projects (including this one). He’s worked at Atlassian, Delicious, and Ubuntu.


Brad Ayers

Co-founder & Head of Engineering

Brad hails from the coastal metropolis of Mackay but now lives in Sydney. His logical approach to development evokes confidence in his technical ability. If you’re reading this then the site is up, so Brad is doing a good job. Well done, Brad.