Dovetail awarded Jobs for NSW startup grant to fund automated analysis features

November 14, 2017ProductStartups1m read

I’m excited to announce that Dovetail has been awarded a $25,000 Minimum Viable Product grant from Jobs for NSW in Sydney, Australia. We’re excited to put this funding towards a product development investment in automated analysis features.

Our main focus areas are two ‘smart’ features designed to help our customers work with large amounts of user feedback & research data. Automated sentiment analysis will analyze the sentiment of incoming user feedback and offer rollups and per-project trend reports. Suggested tags will leverage machine learning to suggest tags and speed up the analysis process.

This Jobs for NSW grant represents the only external investment we’ve taken to fund Dovetail, which has been entirely self-funded since our launch in October 2016. Jobs for NSW do not receive an equity stake for grants.

NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said “It’s great to see talented Sydneysiders Benjamin Humphrey and Bradley Ayers taking a leap of faith to launch their own great idea that has the potential to create new business growth and jobs for NSW.”

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Dovetail was created by two ex-Atlassian employees, Benjamin Humphrey & Bradley Ayers. We believe that deeply understanding your customers is the secret ingredient to making great products, so we created Dovetail to help thousands of teams organize, analyze, and share their user research & customer feedback.

Hundreds of designers, researchers, and product managers at companies like Freshworks, Pinterest, and Nike use Dovetail to organize & analyze user research data and customer feedback every day.

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