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Use our Zapier integration to import data from over 750 apps

21 Nov 2017Product2m read

Conducting research and gathering user feedback is vital for building your product roadmap, but organizing and analyzing that information can be time-consuming without the right tools.

Dovetail helps you collect and organize your research data and user feedback so you identify valuable insights. Analyze your data, better understand your users, and confidently make product decisions. All of your teammates can contribute data to aid your research efforts, too. And features like groups, tags, categories, and more help you uncover themes and share insights.

Dovetail integrates with Zapier and its 750+ apps, so you can connect any of your current tools like Evernote, Intercom, Slack, Typeform, and Wufoo.

Automatically add completed customer surveys as notes to your projects, save ideas from a team chat apps, or add relevant articles from your news feed to your research. With the Dovetail-Zapier integration, you’ll be able collect more research and feedback for a better understanding of your users, so you can continue building the products they love.

These are our most popular integrations to help centralize and organize your research data & user feedback:

How to automate Dovetail with Zapier

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  1. Make sure you have Zapier and Dovetail accounts
  2. Visit to browse quick start templates
  3. Check out our help docs for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap, or log in to Zapier and build a custom workflow.

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