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February and March update – new insights, starred highlights, editor enhancements, and more

11 Mar 2019Product3m read

We have been busy (as usual!) releasing a lot of new features, improvements, and fixes to Dovetail. Read on for all of the juicy details.

New insights

Screenshot showing a single published insight in presentation mode

Our new insights feature is the star of the show. Summarize user research insights with embeddable references, present insights on the big screen with presentation mode, and share findings with stakeholders and clients.

Read the feature blog post

Starred highlights

Screenshot showing the ‘starred highlights’ section of a tag

Star highlights on a tag to show the best or most relevant ones at the top. Just click the star icon on a highlight to toggle whether it’s starred or not. You can also filter by starred things in search with is:starred.

Screenshot of search results with the new ‘group’ filter

Ever wanted to filter search results by the group title? Well now you can with the new group:Foo field in DQL. Check out our search help article for the full reference on what you can do with search.

Search across projects with full-text querying

Heading 3

Screenshot of the three heading levels in notes, tag descriptions, and insights

H1, H2, now H3! We added H3 headings to give you even more ways to structure your content. Just type ### then Space, or check out the shortcuts dialog to see the keyboard shortcut to insert an H3.

New editor shortcuts

Screenshot of the editor shortcut dialog

Speaking of shortcuts… we added some more! Now you can insert headings, bullet lists, number lists, and blockquotes using the same keyboard shortcuts as Google Docs. Check out the shortcuts dialog to see the new shortcuts.

Undo / redo buttons

Lastly, we added Undo and Redo actions to the editor toolbar, so you don’t need to remember ⌘ + Z or ⌘ + Shift + Z.

Small improvements and fixes

In addition to the above new features, we also released lots of improvements and bug fixes over the past few weeks. Here’s the list:

  • Added a migration experience for migrating to new insights
  • Added real time syncing for notes, tags, and insight titles
  • Added a ‘type’ column to project trash
  • Added new insights to our Zapier integration
  • Added automatic page refreshes for new updates
  • Improved performance of the new insights editor
  • Improved accessibility of buttons and sidebar items
  • Improved the sample project so it’s now editable
  • Improved keyboard interaction on subtle buttons
  • Improved discoverability of the ‘Feedback’ button
  • Fixed a layout issue with contributor avatars on project cards
  • Fixed a bug that caused ‘Project not found’ to show when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed a bug that caused the import modal to not dismiss
  • Fixed some layout issues with the new insight cards
  • Fixed a layout issue with the chart legend
  • Fixed incorrect placeholder text in new insights
  • Fixed the sample project not being created for new workspaces
  • Fixed the highlight navigator sort button not working
  • Fixed a bug where new tags might not appear in the tag list immediately
  • Fixed a bug where deleted groups would be shown in the CSV import
  • Fixed a bug with setting logo and name for new workspaces
  • Fixed an issue with starring highlights when the project is read only
  • Fixed some placeholder text regarding untitled templates
  • Fixed a layout issue with the billing summary table
  • Fixed some performance issues with bulk editing highlights
  • Fixed several editor-related JavaScript errors
  • Fixed some issues with search infinite scrolling
  • Fixed some out-of-date copy on the domain-restricted sign up screen
  • Fixed a lot of layout issues in Firefox

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