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Switch between multiple workspaces using a single user account

29 Mar 2019Product2m read

Agencies and consulting firms love Dovetail for working with their clients and stakeholders, however, up until now, it’s been pretty painful to work with multiple clients at once while keeping everybody’s data separate.

We’ve completely rewritten the way workspaces and users interact. Now a single user account (e.g. can belong to multiple workspaces at the same time—and switch between them instantly—without having to log in or log out. Project data, users, and billing are completely separate between workspaces.

We’ve also released two other features to help customers manage their workspaces:

  • You can now set more than one person as the admin for a workspace.
  • You can add multiple allowed domains for domain-restricted sign up.

Read on for more details about these new features.

Manage your workspaces

When you log in to Dovetail, you can now click on the workspace name in the top left corner of the screen to instantly switch workspaces.

Screenshot of the workspace switcher dialog

If you click Join or create workspace, you’ll be taken to which shows you the current workspaces you’re in, other workspaces you’re eligible to join, and any pending invites for workspaces that you can accept or dismiss.

Screenshot of the new workspaces page

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Make other people admins

Dovetail now supports multiple admins which means more than one person can manage users in the workspace. As an admin, just open the Actions menu (···) next to a user and click Convert to admin.

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Add more than one allowed domain

You can now add more than one allowed email address domain for domain-restricted sign up. Domain-restricted sign up lets people join your workspace without needing an explicit invite, providing they have the correct email address domain.

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Screenshot of the allowed email addresses feature

All of these features are available in Dovetail now. If you’re already a customer, log in and take a look. And if you’re not – start a free trial below!

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