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Categorize research insights with fields

23 Jan 2020Product2m read

In November we released the ability to store structured data on notes with our fields feature. Now we’re bringing fields to insights to help you better categorize your research findings and retrieve them in search.

Store structured information about your insights to build a comprehensive research repository that your organization can use to discover new insights and search prior research.

Add attributes to your insights like:

  • Impact, Effort, or Priority so your team can quickly get a sense of the most critical insights to action.
  • Add Links to any issues and bugs that you’ve created in your team’s development backlog in tools like Jira or GitHub.
  • Store Dates so your team can gauge the relevance of an insight when looking back on prior research.
  • The Team that the insight is most relevant for.

An example insight with fields filled in

Just like on notes, you can filter insights in search by the metadata stored in your fields. Your team can now easily find relevant insights across projects with simple and intuitive filtering controls.

Filtering by fields stored on an insight in search

As your organization conducts more research, use fields to have your insights contribute to a searchable and retrievable knowledgebase of research. Create insight fields in extensions to maintain a consistent set of fields across all of your research projects.

What’s next for insights

We’ll be working on more improvements to insights over the coming months, including improved views and ways to visualize and organize your research findings, as well as introducing new field types like selects and tags.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on all new features! Send us feedback in-product, in our Slack workspace, or by getting in touch with us.

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