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A fresh look with new navigation and custom theming

1 minute read2 May 2021

You might notice something different today: we’ve moved the global navigation from the side of the screen to the top, tweaked the visuals to make Dovetail simpler and more familiar for first time users and visitors, and allowed admins to theme the workspace.

More prominent search

Search used to be a tab on the side of the screen. With our new global navigation, search is now prominently displayed at the top of the screen. This makes it more obvious to new visitors looking to explore the repository and discover data, insights, and more.

The new top navigation in Dovetail puts search front and center on all screens.

Set a custom theme

Our goal is that your research repository feels like a familiar home for research in your organization. While you’ve always been able to change the workspace logo, now customers on our Analysis + Repository and Enterprise plans can customize the workspace’s primary color too.

Customize your workspace with a new custom theming feature in Dovetail.

Simply update your workspace settings with your brand’s color and the primary color will update throughout Dovetail, including in all menus:

Setting your brand color will theme the interface across the whole product.

Custom theming and our new simplified navigation are two of the many product enhancements we’re making over the coming months to further improve Dovetail as your research repository. We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always, we look forward to your feedback in our Slack community, on Twitter, or via email.

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Anna Zhirnova
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Brian Swift
Head of Product, Dovetail
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Chris Morgan
Senior Developer, Dovetail
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David Richard
Lead Developer, Dovetail
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Lucy Denton
Product Design Lead, Dovetail
Passionate designer and cake aficionado.
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Matt Davidson
Software Engineer, Dovetail
Public transport nerd and adventurer.
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