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Categorize stories and files with searchable topics, now in Playback

17 May 2022
Matthew Russell
Patrick Sweeney
Lisa Nguyen

Playback is Dovetail’s freshest product: a searchable insights and files library that puts research insights at the fingertips of everyone in your organization.

Topics—launching today—lets you categorize stories and files, allowing stakeholders to quickly find relevant content themselves, rather than tapping you on the shoulder or skipping research entirely.

Introducing Topics

Topics are like Twitter hashtags that can be applied to stories, files, and more.

  • Quickly categorize your research without a steep learning curve

  • Explore existing research by topic and avoid redoing research projects

  • Connect similar research to see the big picture behind your insights

Adding a topic to a story or file description is straightforward—just type a # followed by any alphanumeric characters. You’ll be able to pick from the list of existing topics or press the space key to create a new one.

Stories and files will always show a list of their associated topics, allowing you to dive deeper into a subject area with a single click.

You can combine keywords with topics to make your search more granular. Alternatively, keep it broad by selecting a popular topic under the search input. Typing will automatically generate topics used in the workspace and selecting one will return all of the stories and files with that topic applied.

Topics for discovery

Rigid file structures make things hard to find. With topics, we’ve created an organizational structure that lets people stumble into adjacent interest areas. Topics can be woven into prose, grouped, or be a part of headings—there are many creative ways to provide opportunities for discovery. In this way, topics are a lot more flexible than a traditional solution like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Topics on Home

With Topics, your Playback homepage can now function as a launchpad to relevant content. Using the homepage editor, you can create a directory-like experience for important Topics. At a glance, people in your repository get a feel for what’s important to your organization and effortlessly navigate to the areas of their choosing.

Topics on Explore

Explore feeds can be more powerful when one or more Topics are used as a filter. Feeds provide a specialized set of content—much more likely to get the right people engaged.

Our new Topics feature is now available to all Dovetail Playback customers. Start using topics today and unlock a whole new way to organize your research insights and files and build your research repository.

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