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Talking tagging taxonomies with a live panel

Researchers from our community chat tagging taxonomies across two panels.

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Hear from researchers at Gartner,, Vertex Inc. and 1Password.

When it comes to building and maintaining tagging taxonomies, there are different strokes for different folks. It depends on what type of research you’re doing, what your team looks like, and the timeframe you’re working within.

With no one way to do things, we opened the floor to the community. So we held a live panel of researchers and had them give us the lowdown on their approach to tagging taxonomies. And guess what? Each researcher goes about tagging differently. That’s why it’s so important for anyone looking to become the next tagging guru to get exposed to as many styles and methods as possible, so they can choose an approach that suits them best.

The recording below showcases a panel of researchers, including:

To really cement the notion that there’s no one way to do things, we spoke to three researchers from the same organization, Atlassian, to give us their opinions on tagging taxonomies. And guess what? Each researcher is different!

The recording below showcases a panel of researchers, including:

If you want to continue the discussion about tagging taxonomies, make sure you join the Dovetail Slack community!

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