Why we raised $4M and what we’re planning for 2020
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Why we raised $4M and what we’re planning for 2020

Since 2017, Dovetail has grown to an 11 person team with hundreds of customers, all with no external investment, and no sales or paid marketing. Now we’ve raised $4m to accelerate.

Looking forward to 2019—our goals and our plan to get there

2019 is all about nailing our core and scaling to become the obvious user research platform for businesses. Read on to learn about what we’re focusing on to make that a reality.

Reflecting on 2018 — what we achieved, learned, and struggled with while starting our startup

12 months ago, Dovetail was a brand new product with a handful of features and users. Now we have hundreds of happy customers and thousands of active users. Here’s our year in review.


Dovetail awarded Jobs for NSW startup grant to fund automated analysis features

Dovetail has been awarded a $25,000 Minimum Viable Product grant from Jobs for NSW in Sydney, Australia. We’re putting this funding towards a product development investment in automated analysis features.

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