Ada Ruzer
Design Recruiter and UX Researcher Associate. Ex Airbnb
Champion of user voices and expert recruiter
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Alastair Simpson
VP of Design, Dropbox
Product design leader and sneakerhead.
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Alec Levin
Co-founder, UXR Collective
Dot connector and Raptors fan
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Anna Zhirnova
Software Engineer, Dovetail
Code pusher and fan of rabbits.
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A’verria Martin, Ph.D.
Senior Manager of Research Operations, ServiceNow
Constant learner and systems thinking fan.
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Ben Crothers
Principle Facilitator, Bright Pilots
Meeting improver and compulsive drawer
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Benjamin Humphrey
CEO and co-founder, Dovetail
Kiwi and classic mini enthusiast.
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Bradley Ayers
CTO and co-founder, Dovetail
Tech obsessed Queenslander.
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Brendan Jarvis
Managing Founder, The Space InBetween
UX cheerleader and cat lover
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Brian Swift
Head of Product, Dovetail
Product person and sports fanatic.
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Caitlin McCurrie
Senior Design Researcher, MYOB
Exceptional experience creator.
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Chris Doble
Lead Developer, Dovetail
Brewer and engineer.
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Chris Morgan
Senior Developer, Dovetail
Engineer and spellslinger.
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Christopher Manouvrier
Principal Developer, Dovetail
Product centered engineer.
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David Richard
Lead Developer, Dovetail
Engineering whizz and surfer.
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Eric Lutley
Head of Partnerships, Academy Xi
Aspiring idea man.
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Erik Goyette
Senior UX Researcher, Shopify
Customer and research groupie.
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Francesca Gabales
Design Strategist & Researcher, Matter
Human-centered designer and strategist.
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Jack Davis
Engineering Team Lead, Dovetail
Code wrangler and BBQ obsessed
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James Vinh
President, San Diego Experience Design Professionals
Expert user researcher and San Diego fan.
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Jess Nichols
User Research Leader and Experience Strategist
Strategic researcher and bourbon nerd.
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Kai Forsyth
Revenue Operations Lead, Dovetail
Playlist curator and hydration enthusiast.
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Kanav Bhama
Business Operations Manager, Dovetail
Numbers geek and cricket enthusiast
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Katarina Bagherian
User Experience Research Team Lead, Adyen
User research evangelist and puppy parent
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Kelly Erickson
Senior Content Designer, PTC
Word nerd and nature fanatic
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Leisa Reichelt
Head of Research and Insights, Atlassian
Team builder and mother of small boys.
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Lisa Nguyen
Illustrator & Designer, Dovetail
Illustrator and designer extraordinaire.
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Liz Ross
Marketing Manager, Dovetail
Avid storyteller and raconteur.
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Lucy Denton
Product Design Lead, Dovetail
Passionate designer and cake aficionado.
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Maddie Westerström
Front End Engineer, Dovetail
Full-time coder and part-time mermaid.
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Marc Reisen
Head of Design , Matter
Founding designer and general wearer of hats.
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Mary Mikhail
User Experience Researcher, Kira Systems
Gift-giver to people she may never meet.
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Mathilde Dongala
UX Researcher, Artsy, Ex-Eyeo
UXR workflow and process obsessive.
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Matt Davidson
Software Engineer, Dovetail
Public transport nerd and adventurer.
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Matt Duignan
Principal User Research Manager, Microsoft
Captivating insight democratizer.
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Mila Kuznetsova
Director of User Research, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
General lover of research and its impact.
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Nikki Anderson
User Research Lead & Instructor
Human problem detective and dog-petter
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Pascal Wicht
Founder, Whispers & Giants
Designer of preferable futures.
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Rachel Posman
Director of UX Operations , Salesforce
Chaos queller and design addict.
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Sean Bruce
Content Editor, Dovetail
Martini lover and word-wrangler.
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Shelly Yichoy
User Research Intern and Applied Psychology Graduate Student, University of Southern California
User research advocate and consumer insights obsessive
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Susan Perry
Head of Marketing, Dovetail
Marketing maven and lover of the outdoors.
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Tia Alisha
Illustrator & Designer, Dovetail
Visual storyteller and bird friend.
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Tomer Sharon
UX author and cofounder at a stealth mode startup. Ex-Google, WeWork, and Goldman Sachs
Thought leader and WWE fanboy
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Varun Murugesan
Co-founder and Head of Research, Apple & Banana
Likes bite-sized research you can snack on.
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