Benjamin Humphrey

Benjamin Humphrey is the CEO and co-founder of Dovetail, the user research platform for collaborative analysis and storage of research data and insights. Before starting Dovetail in 2016, Benjamin worked as a Lead Designer at Atlassian. He has over ten years of experience in software development, design, and strategy from time spent working at agencies and software companies in New Zealand, Silicon Valley, and Sydney.

Articles by Benjamin Humphrey
Scaling Research
Welcome to Method in Madness
Benjamin Humphrey with Liz Ross and 2 others
Illustration of two people building with blocks.
Hero of the Dovetail product
Illustrated screenshot of the new home screen in Dovetail.
Illustrated screenshot of fields on a note in Dovetail.
Illustrated screenshot of the highlights view in Dovetail.
Illustrated conceptual diagram of how extension tags work.
Illustrated screenshot of new search improvements in Dovetail.
Illustrated screenshot of the new Discover feed in Dovetail.
Illustrated screenshot of new modal dialogs in Dovetail.
Illustrated screenshot of multiple boards in Dovetail.
Illustrated screenshot of the radar chart in Dovetail.
Animated illustration of Method in Madness contributor, Alastair Simpson.
Illustrated screenshot of global access.
Illustrated screenshot of project readme in Dovetail.
Illustration of a person holding a bunch of balloons.
Illustration of a laptop and hands holding shapes in front of it.
Illustrated screenshot of Insight public access.
Illustrated screenshot of insights.
Illustrated screenshot of the new Dovetail interface.
An image of five faces ranging from angry to happy.
Illustration of two people with a wallpaper of charts and graphs.
An illustration of two people leaning over to look a flower.
Animated illustration of pasta on a plate.
An illustration of a group of people.
An illustration of a person read a book.
Illustrated version of the Zapier logo.

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