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Copy and move notes, tags, and insights between projects

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12 February 2020
Chris Manouvrier
David Richard
Kai Forsyth
Lisa Nguyen

Projects in Dovetail are great for giving structure to your work and maintaining context for research initiatives within your organization. However, there’s one drawback: you need to decide upfront which project should house your notes, tags, and insights.

You’ve told us you want to be able to reorganize your projects. Now, you can move or copy research data to another project to reorganize your work, perform new analysis on the same data, or inform research happening in other teams.

Start creating research data in any project in Dovetail, with the flexibility to reorganize your workspace structure in the future.

Copy notes, tags, and insights across projects

Create a copy of your notes, insights and tags into another project – simply select a note, tag, or insight and choose Copy to and then select your project.

Copying a tag to another project in Dovetail
Copying a tag to another project in Dovetail

Move notes and insights across projects

To move notes and insights into another project, just select the note or insight and choose Move to and select the destination project.

Moving an insight to another project in Dovetail
Moving an insight to another project in Dovetail

When moving or copying a note with tags or fields, if the same tag or field already exists in the project you’re moving or copying to – we’ll automatically merge the tags and fields for you. If your note has any tags or fields in an extension – the extension will automatically be linked to the project.

Moving a note to another project in Dovetail
Moving a note to another project in Dovetail

We hope these features make it easier to move your work around and organize it in a way that works best for you and your team.

As always, keep letting us know your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve Dovetail to work better for you. Send us feedback in-product, in our Slack workspace, or by getting in touch with us.

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