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Here’s a list of ways to get involved.

Dovetail aims to help teams understand their customers, make better decisions, and do great work. We believe it isn’t just our platform that helps make this happen, but also the community around it. Our community is curious, vocal, enterprising, engaged, and passionate, and we would love our blog to reflect that. We’re creating a centralized spot where you hear from thought leaders, where you engage with your peers, where those new to the space feel inspired, and where your stakeholders come to learn.

Get involved

Come hang out with Dovetail and chat to us about any content ideas you have, no matter how incomplete or unpolished they may be.

Be the focus of our Curious Minds series

Curious Minds celebrates the researcher, highlighting the wonderful elements of your craft, taking the reader on a journey of how research works for you, the challenges and solutions you have seen, and any other advice you are wanting to impart. It is a pretty dope opportunity to invite others into your practice, and your life as a researcher.

Depending on how you like things to go down:

  • Grab this empty template, fill it out, and send it over. We will tidy things up for readability, get your final approval and then, all things copacetic, send it live.

  • Alternatively, you could reach out to set up time for an interview (see the template for the structure it would take), we would build out a blog based on the chat, tidy things up for readability, get your final approval and then, all things copacetic, send it live.

Don’t forget to include pictures, scribbles, videos; really any content that will add flavor to your piece. Fundamentally we want to give everyone a sneak peek into what makes your practice quintessentially yours. Here are some examples of past editions of Curious Minds but the template isn’t set in stone so feel free to mix it up in any way you’d like.

Write a post for the Dovetail blog

We’ve started a program where members of our community can submit blogs about their craft, and Dovetail compensates the writers for successful contributions. Successful contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and interesting posts that teach our readers something about research. We figure that who better to chat about user research than the people who are living it day in, day out like you.

Submission process

Completed submission

You can submit completed pieces or shoot through ideas you may have. If you are submitting a completed piece, make sure you include:

  • A draft of between 1000 – 3000 words.

  • Suggested headlines.

  • All links you would like included.

  • A short bio or indicate if you’d prefer to be a ghostwriter.

  • Any pictures, scribbles, videos; really any content that will add flavor to your piece

Heads up around timing – it may take a couple of weeks to spruce up and edit your submission and then a couple of weeks on top of that to get it live.

Submission ideas

If you aren’t that far along on your writing journey, you should still get in touch to discuss your ideas, you should email us with some info on what you think you want to write about and we can schedule a call or chat over email about how you see the post taking shape.

Topics we’re super interested in

Don’t feel limited by the below list; we just thought we would suggest some interesting themes to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Research repositories.

  • ResearchOps.

  • Remote research.

  • New trends in data analysis.

  • Collaborative research.

  • Stakeholder management for researchers.

Here are some examples of blog posts that we have published:

Have other ideas?

Do you have another idea for a content collaboration? We’d love to hear it! Just email us and we can chat about all things content and user research.

The fine print

This is getting into the nitty-gritty and is subject to change, it is super important that you read this before getting in touch with us.

Intellectual property

  • Dovetail reserves the right to edit the content you provide. Most pieces will be edited in some way or another for readability.

  • Dovetail owns the rights to content published on its platform. We reserve the right to repurpose, republish, update, or remove contributed content at any time.

  • Dovetail reserves the right to include links to Dovetail throughout the content.

  • Unfortunately, Dovetail won’t be able to publish pieces that have been published elsewhere and we don’t allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, or Medium. You can always share it once we publish it though and we will help you promote your piece in any way we can.

  • Before the engagement between Dovetail and yourself, we own all intellectual property rights in our materials; and you own all intellectual property rights in your materials. Ownership of all intellectual property rights in any new materials or improvements will at all times vest, or remain vested, in Dovetail upon creation.

  • Contributors are encouraged to link off to their profile, or backlink to other articles they have written.

  • We are all about referencing our sources, so we expect you to properly link to any sources you have used throughout your post.

Quality control

  • The post cannot be an advertisement for a service, brand, or product, nor can it be self-servingly promotional. Articles should attempt to present a balanced, well-rounded, and unbiased appraisal of a particular topic.

  • The article must be well-researched and fully supported. A great article features numerous case studies or examples; numbers, metrics, and other statistical measurements of success; and links to reputable sources.

  • Content should be timely or address current industry trends.


  • Writers will be compensated based on an assessment of the quality of their contribution.

  • Dovetail will inform all submitters whether they were successful in their submission or not and whether they should expect to be compensated.

  • Dovetail reserves the right to reject any content submitted based on its quality.

  • Dovetail won’t publish any low-quality content and as a result, the writers won’t be compensated for their submissions.

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