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Now you can store, reference, and share all of your files in Dovetail!

27 January 2022
Matthew Russell

Customer knowledge is often distributed across an organization, hiding in little presentations over here and pdfs over there. We understand that a repository is only as powerful as the knowledge within it, which is why we’re excited that all your favorite file types can now come alive in Dovetail. Imagine discovering an industry presentation, uploading it into Dovetail, and immediately being able to share it with your team to collectively engage. That’s what files unlocks. Files are added to Dovetail as standalone records - they can be linked to and have all the collaboration features of stories. You can truly centralize your research in one spot, expertly curate your customer knowledge with primary and secondary sources, and collaborate with your entire team on any file at any time.

The hub for your research and files

With Dovetail, you can say goodbye to scattered research outputs and hello to one searchable, accessible, and centralized home for all your research. You can now upload your files, parse through high-quality previews, and rifle through past research. Some examples of things you can now upload include:

  • Research slide decks and pdf reports

  • Relevant white papers and industry reports

  • Videos of research walkthroughs

  • Screenshots of digital whiteboards

  • Past discussion guides

  • Docs with your personas and journey maps

  • Competitor and market analysis docs

While this is nowhere near an exhaustive list of the possibilities, we hope this gives you a little taste of what’s possible!

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Bolster your stories with references

Curate a powerful research narrative with references to both primary and secondary findings. You can include standalone files within your stories and effortlessly support your conclusions with just the right amount of traceable evidence.

Collaborate on files and build customer understanding

Have you ever wanted to share files with your team and collaborate in real-time? Well, now is your chance. Keep your team in the loop, expand their customer understanding, build customer empathy, and make decisions knowing you collectively have the complete picture. You can share files, like them, and open them up for anyone to comment. Interested in the impact of your research? You can even see who’s viewed the files you’ve uploaded!

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Files are available to everyone on the Analysis + Repository and Enterprise plans. Any Dovetail user can upload and share files—even free viewers, allowing everyone to contribute to and benefit from your organization’s collective knowledge.

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