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We’re here to help – introducing our new help center

2 minute read8 October 2020

We want you to quickly and easily find the answers you need about Dovetail the product and company, which is why we've launched our brand new help center at – a revamped one-stop-shop for all of our documentation, policies, and more.

Find what you’re looking for with everything in one knowledge base.

We believe in providing an outstanding experience for our customers at every touchpoint, inside the product, and out. Our new help center improves on what we had by consolidating all of our docs into one place for easier search and discovery. It now contains material on everything from day-to-day product help and workspace administration to information about billing, legal, security, and privacy.

Improved hierarchy and navigation

Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to find the information you need. A new information architecture and navigation means it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for. You can now share deep links to anything, and categories, topics, and articles are linked together through breadcrumbs, landing pages, and a sidebar.

New navigation makes it easier to get around and find related articles.

We've designed new landing pages for billing, security, and legal so you can easily share relevant information with your finance, security, and legal teams. This is perfect for when your organization needs more information on us as a vendor during procurement.

Category landing pages make it easy to share information with your procurement teams.

Improved content

We’ve reviewed all of the information in our help center to ensure it’s up to date, and increased the number of articles overall. The biggest new addition is a comprehensive set of security articles detailing our security features, practices, and policies.

New callout panels makes it super easy to access key policies and documents.

Articles themselves are also richer – some now have contextual inline callouts, one-click downloadable files, related articles, and more information on who wrote the article and how recently it has been updated.

Give us feedback on an article by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down button.

How’s my driving?

Lastly, we’ve added the ability for you to send us feedback on individual articles. Just click the 👍 thumbs up or 👎 thumbs down button and send our team a message if you found an article helpful or noticed something that needs improvement!

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