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Introducing stories: A new way to curate, share, and collaborate on research

3 August 2021
Brian Swift
Lucy Denton

Research is reshaping how companies and products compete. One of the most significant contributors to sustained success is a continuous investment in customer knowledge for the entire organization. A wealth of customer information is now at our fingertips, including video interviews, usability studies, CSAT data, and more. The challenge has shifted from gaining access to this information to making sense of it and sharing findings with your team. Today we’re thrilled to introduce a new engaging way to get your whole team involved in consuming insights and we’re calling it stories.

Stories are a new way to curate, share and collaborate on research.
Stories are a new way to curate, share and collaborate on research.

Create and share research reports with evidence

We’ve all struggled to keep track of and maintain the latest version of a report. No longer! Stories, our newly released feature, are connected to your research data to maintain traceability. Rather than create offline reports that are immediately stale, you can now use stories to have an always-live, media-rich report experience. Embed highlights to watch videos directly from the story or click to view the raw data to gain more context. Stories make it easy to upload and add files or images alongside references to your research data in Dovetail. You can also add images from the Unsplash image library and some amazing illustrations created by our very own illustrator, Lisa! We believe reports should be engaging, human, and beautiful for viewers.

Ever share a research report and wonder who actually read it? You can now instantly understand the impact of your research with read receipts. See which of your teammates have viewed each of your stories, as well as the total number of viewers. Make your reports collaborative by having a conversation directly in a story with inline and page comments. Research is more impactful when everyone can see and engage with the discussion.

Uncover and categorize themes across projects

As your team builds up your research repository over time, important themes often emerge across projects that can go unnoticed. Stories make it simple to create cross-project reports on important themes. In minutes, build a story that dives into learnings of a specific persona, a feature set, or product usability concerns. Don’t let prior research live in silos or become shelf-ware that decays over time.

Stories are created using our new block editor, making it simple to organize your content to tell a compelling narrative. You can create multi-column layouts, drag and drop the content within layouts and add sticky notes to emphasize key points or takeaways. Headings and section dividers give you the ability to create a clear structure and group your insights.

Stories also allow you to add search blocks to your reports that update every time you load the page. They can be used to dynamically show the most recent highlights with a particular tag, recently published insights from a project, or the latest interview notes added to a project. This is a powerful way to proactively surface the most relevant content for your team members without updating manually with every new relevant customer data point.

Self-service access to research findings

Every researcher, product manager, designer, or marketer should be able to tap into the research repository whenever they have a question. What are customers saying about the new feature we shipped? What do we know about the challenges customers have with the first-time experience? Have we done any recent research on the checkout flow? The answers to these questions are only a search away, and in a few clicks, anyone in your team can collect data, such as insights, video highlights, tags, or interviews, and add to their own stories.

An excellent research repository allows anyone on your team to perform secondary research, and stories are a simple way to do that in Dovetail. Add data from anywhere in Dovetail to a story and organize content with our new drag and drop editor. Tell a story around the research data to share a compelling narrative with your teammates. Long gone are the days of redoing research projects or relying on the collective knowledge of the researchers. Take advantage of your team’s shared repository that has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over time and make it accessible to all.

Any Dovetail user can create and share stories - even free viewers! Research is done to inform decisions, and we believe everyone should benefit from the hard work of the research team and be able to create and share their own stories.

Stories are available to everyone on the Analysis + Repository and Enterprise plans, in beta, and we'd love your feedback!

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