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Jumpstart your research journey with our new Analysis plan

1 minute read1 December 2020

Over the past three years, we’ve been building a great product to help researchers and their teams analyze and collaborate on customer research. We’re at the point now where we can proudly say Dovetail has been adopted by leading customer-obsessed organizations like Shopify, GitLab, Canva, and Figma.

Dovetail has been adopted by thousands of leading customer-obsessed organizations.

Employing customer research is increasingly a differentiator, and many businesses are prioritizing the deceptively simple-sounding challenge of “creating the right thing, at the right time, for the right people”. We believe this renewed focus on customers results in better decisions, faster. The outcome is improved products and services for the world.

We firmly believe in democratizing research and want to empower as many people as possible to uncover better insights. With our new Analysis plan starting from $15 / month for one contributor, we’re making Dovetail available for people looking to jumpstart their research journey. Whether you’re looking to make sense of customer calls, conducting research for your PhD, or validating your MVP, we want to make Dovetail work for you with a price that’s easy to get started with.

Discover patterns across a variety of qualitative research methods, unstructured data, and video files.

Our new plan comes with a bunch of great features to help you analyze qualitative data, including transcription, video highlights, analysis through tagging, full-text search, and insights with references. You also get unlimited projects, unlimited file storage, and unlimited free viewer accounts.

Analysis starts at $15 / month for one contributor. Check out our pricing page for more information or jump right in with a 7 day free trial of Dovetail.

About the contributors
Kai Forsyth
Revenue Operations Lead, Dovetail
Playlist curator and hydration enthusiast.
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David Richard
Lead Developer, Dovetail
Engineering whizz and surfer.
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Christopher Manouvrier
Principal Developer, Dovetail
Product centered engineer.
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Chris Doble
Lead Developer, Dovetail
Brewer and engineer.
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Matt Davidson
Software Engineer, Dovetail
Public transport nerd and adventurer.
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Benjamin Humphrey
CEO and co-founder, Dovetail
Kiwi and classic mini enthusiast.
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Chris Morgan
Senior Developer, Dovetail
Engineer and spellslinger.
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Lisa Nguyen
Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Dovetail
Illustrator and designer extraordinaire.
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