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1 minute read20 July 2020

For the past three years, we’ve focused on building a world-class product to help individual researchers improve how they do their analysis and uncover insights. We’ve always understood that research is much more than that.

Research enables organizations to understand their customers. Researchers need to empower and collaborate with stakeholders, mature the craft inside their organization, and find creative ways to do the unloved operational work that ensures projects keep humming.

Increasingly, research isn’t just for researchers. Many other roles, like product managers, designers, and customer success people conduct some form of research, even if they don’t explicitly call it that. At Dovetail, our goal is to help people who do research make better decisions through the power of customer understanding.

Method in Madness is our new publication dedicated to the craft of building customer understanding through research. Our growing editorial team will share tips and tricks, stories and interviews, and thought-provoking editorial content across various topics related to research data analysis, scaling research inside organizations, user experience design, decision-making, and more.

Here’s what you’ll find on Method in Madness today:

  • Topical curated collections of our best articles. A selection of greatest hits, including topics from beginner’s guides to conversations with industry leaders.

  • A new monthly newsletter. The latest conversations and commentary from research, delivered monthly straight to your inbox.

  • More discussion in our Slack community. Join over 1,000 people who do research in our Slack community, where we’ll be kicking off discussions about our latest stories.

We’d love to get you involved and give more researchers a voice. If you’re interested in writing for Method in Madness, sharing your story or talking about research in your organization, please check out our community contribution page and get in touch.

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Benjamin Humphrey
CEO and co-founder, Dovetail
Kiwi and classic mini enthusiast.
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