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What’s new in Dovetail: September 2022

1 September 2022

Do you know where last week’s research report is? What about the research report you wrote three months ago? It could be in that chat thread or maybe it’s filed away in a shared folder everyone supposedly has access to but can never find.

You’re doing amazing work! Don’t let it get lost in file dumping grounds. This month we’ve released new features that will give your research a life beyond the read-out meeting.

  • Collections: Bring together research reports old and new

  • Topics: Connect similar research to see the bigger picture

  • Chart filters: Analyze your data from new points of view

  • Extension tags: Discover trends across research projects

Is single-use research worse than single-use plastic?

It’s definitely more expensive.

Research reports can be re-used. If you can find them! Reduce the stress of finding lost files by organizing your research reports into Collections grouped by product line, customer segment, use case, etc. Explore Collections

There’s just too much noise in your knowledge base.

How do buyer needs change in a recession? How do Gen Z’s needs compare to Boomers’? Many research questions benefit from past insights. Ease the pain of connecting the dots across research old and new by adding topic hashtags to related files and stories. Read more

Give stakeholders what they want: more charts

Why do stakeholders love charts so much!?

Impressing stakeholders just got that much easier with Markup’s new ability to use field, note, or tag content to slice and dice your charts in Markup. Track trends across personas, usability scores, company size, interview quotes, anything! Add filters one at a time or all at once to create charts sure to delight even the most stubborn of stakeholders. Read more

*fake marketing calculation for dramatic effect

We’ve leveled up extension tags, enabling you to move tags across extensions. Plus, unlike merging tags with one another, tags can easily be moved across extensions as many times as you want! Read more


It was a really rainy winter in Sydney, so we hunkered down and shipped a lot.

  • Level-up you research reports with our new editor features! Image resizing, easy link pasting and side-by-side videos. Read more

  • Importing all of your old research files into Playback now takes seconds instead of hours. Plus we automatically categorize all your files for you! Read more

  • Start measuring the impact of your research with metrics for your research reports. See who, how, and when people engage with your findings. Read more

  • In the healthcare industry? Good news, we now have a HIPAA complaint solution in our Enterprise tier! Read more

P.S. If you love analytics, next month's releases will blow your mind.

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