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Dovetail’s mission is to enable the world to create better products and services through deep customer understanding. We empower 45,000+ people, from agencies to universities to Fortune 100 companies, to make sense of their customer research in one collaborative and powerful research platform.

We’re building a highly efficient go-to-market model where anyone who wants to understand their customers can adopt, use, and scale Dovetail without any barriers or friction. The Growth team works to accelerate this go-to-market model by identifying opportunities to make impactful improvements for our customers and business. The team works to identify the clearest opportunities for business impact, and then works backwards from there to execute on the biggest customer problems they can solve.

The Growth team is responsible for enabling our product led growth strategy by driving and self service revenue. The team focuses on growing our freemium user base, driving paid conversation, making it simple to expand to new products and use cases, and novel ways to build customer education and confidence. As a product manager working in the Growth team, you’ll be responsible for one of these focus areas. You’ll be asked to shape the strategy, roadmap, and execution to drive key business measures and deliver delightful experiences to our customers.

Who you’ll work closely with

Kai Forsyth
Senior Product Manager
Bec Lourey
Senior Product Designer
David Richard
Senior Software Engineer

What you’ll do

  • Own your focus area. You will work closely with the Growth team to shape your strategy and roadmap, but ultimately it is yours to own, be accountable for and drive. You’ll think strategically through business opportunities, customer needs, and technical challenges to focus on the highest-leverage ideas that are massive force-multipliers for our business.

  • Leverage data to inform opportunities for growth. You’ll leverage quantitative and qualitative data to identify areas where improvements can be made and use this data to inform projects that drive revenue, new customers, retention, and/or engagement. Where measures don’t yet exist, you’ll work to implement them and communicate back internally.

  • Be customer-obsessed. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. You will develop a deep understanding of our market, customer personas, how they work, their pain points, macro trends, etc. You’ll spend hours a week speaking directly with our customers to build your product intuition. The teams will look to you to be the voice of the customer in every discussion.

  • Be able to think big, but start small. At Dovetail we set lofty goals and have a bold, exciting vision for our product. You are able to build your own vision for your area, and get your teammates and customers excited about it. This is balanced by your ability to sweat the details and push the product forward one day at a time.

  • Partner with design and engineering. You are highly collaborative in your approach, and work closely with your design and engineering team members. You make sure everyone is brought along the journey of product discovery and exploration, and support the daily decisions required to build great products efficiently at scale. You are constantly building customer empathy with your team.

  • Be exceptionally pragmatic. We believe a great product person is pragmatic. You’ll need to make the right tradeoffs to keep moving forward by balancing a variety of inputs; including analytics, qualitative research, and customer feedback from our sales and support teams.

  • Be accountable for product quality. You’re accountable for ensuring we always deliver a world-class product experience. We expect you to raise the bar and coach your team on why a great product experience is important, and what sort of things we need to do to build and maintain a world-class product.

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Your background

  • Strong product management experience. You have several years experience owning a product roadmap and executing against it. You’ve experienced the ups and downs of shipping brand new product features, learning from customer feedback and iterating on your strategy.

  • Experience working closely with product teams. We expect you to jump right in and collaborate with our product managers, designers and engineers. You’ve had experience working in the weeds with product teams in making tough priority tradeoffs and helping them set product strategy.

  • Clear communicator. We expect you to take big, ambitious ideas and distill them down into concise, exciting talking points. You have experience bringing the voice of the customer to an entire team and get buy-in on your ideas and strategies.

  • Experience with B2B SaaS products. You understand product led growth strategies for B2B SaaS products and have implemented them before. Freemium growth models, funnel analysis and pricing decisions are areas that you have experience owning, analyzing and driving.

  • Pragmatism. We're looking for someone who can wear multiple hats across the entire lifecycle of product exploration, launch and adoption. You have a proven track record of making tough tradeoffs and rallying a team through difficult challenges.

  • Strong domain expertise is a plus. Ideally, you have hands-on experience working in small startups that are growing and transitioning to a more mature scale-up. Domain expertise in user research or design software is specifically a plus for this role.

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Sydney, Australia
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Competitive salary and equity for all

12 weeks equal paid parental leave

KitKat days, extra paid leave to take a break

Personal learning and development budget

Flexible working hours & work / life balance

Great office complete with pool table and lounge

Monthly social events and annual retreats

Dog friendly – bring your pooch to work

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