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Software Engineer

Sydney, Australia - Full time

What you will do

As a Software Engineer at Dovetail, you will be expected to:

  • Collaborate with senior engineers to design technical solutions for Dovetail’s web product to successfully fulfil the needs of our customers

  • Implement technical solutions to problems defined in conjunction with senior engineers in order to evolve the existing feature set for Dovetail’s web product, including both “backend” and “frontend” development.

  • Contribute new features written in programming languages like TypeScript Node.js, TypeScript React, HTML, and CSS.

  • Work closely with senior and peer engineers, external stakeholders, and customers to proactively gather and understand areas for improvement.

  • Support senior engineers with the design of detailed guidelines and standards for product development processes

  • Participate in established quality assurance practices like code review, pair programming, design sparring, etc.

Your background

As a Software Engineer, ideally you will join us with:

  • A few years writing code at other startups or world-class software companies.

  • The mindset of a solution implementer or problem solver.

  • Recent hands-on exposure to building the frontend and backend of web products with technology like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Node, ProseMirror, PostgreSQL and AWS.

  • Excellent, concise communication so you can easily convey your thoughts, opinions, and feelings with other teammates, founders, and customers.

  • The right attitude towards a sense of urgency, risk, and uncertainty about the future that comes with working at an early-stage startup.

  • Experience articulating constructive criticism on architectural or design decisions beyond phrases like “I don’t like it” or “it doesn’t look good”.

  • The ability to offer thoughtful opinions on important business decisions like fundraising, hiring, and establishing management structure if / when it’s required.


  • Competitive base salary plus equity. Even though we’re a small startup, we pay salaries that can hold their own against the big Sydney tech companies.

  • KitKat days. We understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing, these are extra paid days holiday for the whole company where everyone can take a break.

  • Floating public holiday. You can choose to work public holidays and use that day another time in the year.

  • Flexible working hours and location – we value work-life balance, especially right now. While we’re mostly back in the office, you’re free to work where you want, when you want.

  • Personal learning and development budget. We’re a big fan of personal development, and prefer to home-grow leaders rather than filling leadership / management externally.

  • A brand new architecturally designed office in Surry Hills with free snacks, beer on tap and drinks, three different coffee machines, social areas, and a rooftop!

  • TGIF events are a monthly company wide activity on a Friday for the whole team.

  • Salary sacrifice. We have a salary sacrifice policy for work related items.

  • Sit-stand desks, 4k 27” monitor, ergonomic chairs, quiet spaces, and collaboration spaces, to suit all kinds of working styles.

  • Pet friendly office! We love dogs and often have dogs in the office.

  • Regular lunch and learn events, opportunities for presenting at webinars and conferences, and networking through our investor community.

  • Annual company retreats.

Apply now

This is a full time role in Sydney, Australia. If you fit the criteria and the job description sounds exciting, please apply now.

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