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Dovetail 101: Get to know the basics

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Take your first step towards Dovetail mastery in our 101 session! Using real-world workspace examples from big and small companies, our Customer Success team expertly guides you through our product, sharing helpful Dovetail tricks, tips, and best practices.

Over the 50-minute session, you will learn approaches for:

  • Building your repository.

     Take your first steps into the world of repositories! Start here with options and best practices for migrating past research into Dovetail.

  • Conducting qualitative research analysis. 

    Best practices for all things analysis! Everything from data to collection through to top research methodologies and developing insights.

Dovetail 101 is excellent for new starters who need to get up to speed, people looking to level up on our latest feature releases, or anyone who wants a solid primer in Dovetail’s fundamentals.

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