The repository for user research data

Store notes, transcripts, images, videos, recordings, and more in one cloud-based tool the whole team will love.

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Centralize user research data

Replace spreadsheets, note-taking apps, wikis, and storage software with one tool purpose-built for research

Standardize across teams

Establish a standard process for customer interviews, usability testing sessions, and more

Store files and assets in-context

Store images, videos, and recordings in your notes instead of linking to Box, Dropbox, or Drive

Keep everyone in sync

Keep the whole team across user research projects with real-time updates and collaboration

Real time editor

Effortlessly take notes during customer interviews, usability testing sessions, or contextual inquiries with Dovetail’s fast collaborative editor.

Contextual files

Upload and embed relevant images, recordings, and videos directly in your notes, transcripts, or documents.

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Capture demographic information, quantitative data, and other properties in fields to filter and segment your notes.

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Drag & drop boards

Organize interviews, usability testing sessions, survey responses, and more with Trello-like drag & drop boards.

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Project templates

Establish a standard process for user research projects across the organization with easy to create and manage templates.

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Use our Zapier integration to automatically sync user research data from 1,500+ tools like Evernote, Intercom, Typeform, SurveyMonkey, and Rev.

The delightful user research platform
Discover patterns across interviews, usability testing, and more, and create insights to share with your team.
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