Get everyone involved in user research

Share user research projects, data, and insights with your teammates, stakeholders, and clients.

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Get the whole org onboard

Invite product managers, designers, and stakeholders to collaborate on user research

Make analysis collaborative

Work with others in real time to take notes in interviews or usability testing sessions

Manage user access to projects

Control who can manage, view, and edit projects with intuitive, granular project permissions

Work with multiple clients

Keep project data, users, and billing separate between clients with multiple workspaces

Discover insights across teams

Browse through a feed of recently published insights across the whole organization. Unread insights have a pulsing red dot in the top right of the card.


Invite users to your workspace or share research insights via email.

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Comments and @mentions

Tag people in your data and insights, and post comments to start a discussion.

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Access management

Manage who can view and edit user research projects with granular permissions.

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Invite teammates, stakeholders, and clients to create projects, add user research data, and collaborate on research projects in real time.

Multiple workspaces

Switch between multiple workspaces to separate data between clients.

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The delightful user research platform
Discover patterns across interviews, usability testing, and more, and create insights to share with your team.
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