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Global full-text search and powerful filtering helps you find current and past user research data and insights.

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Quickly find customer research

With everything in one place, it’s easy to search across all projects and find what you’re looking for

Narrow down your results

Powerful, intuitive filter controls enable you and stakeholders to narrow down search results

Sort and export results

Add sorts to order search results by created, updated, and more, and export you results to a CSV file

Build upon past research

A standard structure for research projects and archiving help you build upon past research insights

Global full-text search

Search the full text of notes, tags, insights, and highlights across all research projects in your workspace. Add filters to be more specific.

Powerful filtering

Filter results with over 16 different field types and support for AND and OR queries.

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Filter quantitative data

Filter search results by structured data captured within fields on your notes, for example demographic attributes.

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You’re in control. Add sorts to order search results by created, updated, and more.

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