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Designed for designers.

A designer’s life can be tough. You’re the champion for the user experience and your goal is to make it better. But most days you’re in meetings juggling stakeholders, endlessly defending your work, and trying to convince people to prioritize stuff that improves the experience.

It’s an uphill battle. The evidence you need is scattered all over the place. It’s a nightmare to track down and analyze. Quantitative data is no use either. The events are unreliable, the analysts are busy, and you know the numbers only tell you the what, not the why.

We think Dovetail could help.

Centralize user feedback, interview notes, user testing observations, and NPS responses in Dovetail. Work together with product managers and researchers to discover common trends and compare your data with findings from the research team. Link directly to supporting evidence and user quotes that back up your design. Spend less time managing stakeholders and rationalizing, and let Dovetail do the talking for you.

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Screenshot showing a list of research notes

Take awesome research notes

Collaborate on note-taking in customer interviews or observations during user testing. Organize, analyze, and share your research notes & customer feedback.

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Screenshot showing annotations and tags on a research note

Identify themes across your data

Add annotations when you recognize patterns in unstructured data. Build a tag library for your project using color-coding, tag groups, and definitions.

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Bring your team along for the journey

With Dovetail, your raw data lives in the same place as your insights. Invite stakeholders to collaborate on your research and get them involved.

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