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Your customer’s cheerleader.

The product manager. The customer champion. The owner of the roadmap. You’re in charge of where we go next, but how do you know what that is? You’re drowning in hundreds—maybe thousands—of data points. Customer feedback, NPS responses, Intercom conversations, survey results, customer interviews, user testing notes, your dad’s opinion. How do you separate anecdotal from reality?

We think Dovetail could help. Centralize your customer feedback and research data from 750+ apps. Work together with researchers and designers to identify trends in your customer feedback through tagging. Link roadmap items directly to supporting evidence and user quotes. Know what to build next with confidence.

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Connect 750+ apps

Automatically import research data like customer feedback, interview transcripts, support tickets, tweets, and more from hundreds of apps via our Zapier integration.

Screenshot showing annotations and tags on a research note

Identify themes across your data

Add annotations when you recognize patterns in unstructured data. Build a tag library for your project using color-coding, tag groups, and definitions.

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Build a classification system as you go

Select multiple text fragments across notes and quickly replace or remove the tag that’s applied.

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Bring your team along for the journey

With Dovetail, your raw data lives in the same place as your insights. Invite stakeholders to collaborate on your research and get them involved.

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