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Faster, cheaper, better research.

Don’t just listen to people. Understand them! This is your job as a researcher. So why are your tools so manual, time consuming, and clunky? Sticky notes don’t scale. Presentations gather dust. Analysis software is unintuitive and expensive. Your raw research data is disconnected from the output, and your organization’s insights are scattered all over the place.

Maybe Dovetail can help. We’re in the business of building great research software for researchers like you.

Centralize your qualitative research data. Discover patterns in your research through intuitive tagging features. Link directly to supporting evidence and user quotes that back up your insights. Share it all with your team, stakeholders, and clients. With Dovetail, your research is faster, cheaper, and better.

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A man facing a wall of sticky notes, doing research analysis
Screenshot showing annotations and tags on a research note

Identify themes across your data

Add annotations when you recognize patterns in unstructured data. Build a tag library for your project using color-coding, tag groups, and definitions.

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Screenshot showing user pain point tags and a dropdown to switch between note, tag, and insight types

Organically evolve themes into insights

Annotate fragments of text, then turn these themes into insights while preserving the original relationships.

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Screenshot showing four people in a team and an invite dialog

Bring your team along for the journey

With Dovetail, your raw data lives in the same place as your insights. Invite stakeholders to collaborate on your research and get them involved.

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