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An overview of projects
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An overview of projects

Projects are the main ‘container’ in Markup. They contain a readme, data (like notes, images, videos, and files), and tags, highlights, and insights. There’s no limit on how many projects you can have in Markup.

What to use a project for

Depending on the type of data you have and how you work, a single project could represent many things. For example, a project could contain:

  • Customer interviews – each note is a single interview.

  • Usability testing sessions – each note is a recording and transcript from a session.

  • User feedback – each note is a piece of feedback from a user.

  • Survey responses – each note is an individual response.

  • Multiple research methods – each group is a method.

Create a new project from Dovetail's templates to see how we've structured projects for different types of research.

Projects have seven main sections, all accessible via the sidebar:

  • Readme – an overview of your project. New visitors land here.

  • Notes – views with groups of notes containing text, images, audio, video, etc.

  • Tags – boards with groups of tags.

  • Highlights – a table showing all highlights with filtering and sorting controls.

  • Insights – draft and published insights for this project.

  • Views - see and analyze your project data in different layouts.

  • Charts – tags or tag groups displayed as a bar chart, pie chart, treemap, or radar chart.

  • Settings – archive, delete, manage access, export, trash etc.

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