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Business workspaces

Business workspaces come with additional tailored services and support to meet your organization’s needs. To see pricing for business, please visit our pricing page. To discuss your requirements, please contact our team.

Here’s an overview of some of the services available for business workspaces:

  • Single sign-on – configure Dovetail to allow your users to log in using your identity provider, like Okta or Auth0.

  • Priority support – we’ll give your workspace priority when responding to email inquiries.

  • Penetration test & security reports – get access to our third party penetration reports and internal security reports.

  • GDPR data processing agreements – sign and return our Data Processing Agreement to complement your terms.

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Alexander Younes

Enterprise Business Lead

Anubhav Ghosh

Revenue Team

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Last updated 6 June 2022
1 min read

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