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Common questions

I'm a workspace admin - why can't I access a project in the workspace?

You may not have project access to the project or the project controls have been altered by another person with access to the project. You can gain access to the project by contacting an existing admin or user who has access to the project.

For more information regarding project access, please view Restrict project access.

Our only workspace admin has left the company, can you re-allocate the admin for us?

Unfortunately, due to privacy and security reasons, we are unable to change a person's workspace role without permission from the existing workspace admin account. 

Please contact the existing admin or IT department and ask them to log in to the Dovetail account with their existing credentials. They can then update the existing workspace roles and allocate another person as a workspace admin.

Our client needs to view 1 project in our workspace. Is there a way to set up access where they can only view the project they're supposed to?

If you are inviting your client to your workspace to access a specific project/set of projects, you will need to amend the project access settings for each existing project you wish to restrict from them.

To restrict any project in your workspace, you can use the project access controls outlined here.

We have 5 seats in our workspace. Is it possible to re-assign these seats at any time depending on who we need to contribute work for our project?  

Yes, you can change and re-allocate those who occupy paid contributor seats (licenses) in your workspace at any time.  

Workspace admins can rotate and update user access roles on their account through the user settings. With this, admins can update a previous contributor's workspace role to a "Viewer" role (or remove from completely from workspace) once a new contributor is invited to the workspace.

For example, if Person A has the workspace role of a "User" but no longer requires this seat, you can change their role to a "Viewer". This will free up a seat where you can invite Person B to become a "User" in the workspace and take this seat. When amending the allocation of the contributors, if you are unsure of the amount of seats available you can also review current usage in the billing settings.

Is it possible to have multiple admins for our workspace?

Yes, you can assign more than 1 person to be an admin for your workspace. To update any existing user roles, the current admin would need to go into the Users settings, check current seat usage and update a user's or viewer's role to an admin.

For more detailed information for the steps on to action this, please view Update workspace access roles.

Is there a way to limit viewers from accessing data within a project? I only want viewers see a project's insights, but not the data or highlights.

Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment. All viewers with appropriate project access will be able to view all data within the project including insights, tags, highlights and notes.

If you would like to share insights to those outside of the workspace, you could consider enabling public access for these. For more information, see Share insights with public access.

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Last updated 30 September 2021

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