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Configure Okta

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This feature is only available on our business and enterprise plans. Business and enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organization’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on business and enterprise.

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Users can authenticate to Dovetail using Okta SSO.

Create an application in Okta

  1. Login to your Okta admin dashboard.

  2. Click Applications.

  3. Click Add Application.

  4. Click Create New App.

  5. In the dialog select Platform: Web, Sign on method: OpenID Connect.

  6. Choose an Application name (eg. Dovetail) and set Login redirect URIs to

  7. Upload Dovetail's logo.

  8. Click Save.

  9. In the Assignments tab, select who in your organization should have access to Dovetail.

The Dovetail application is now successfully set up in Okta.

Enable launching Dovetail from the Okta dashboard

  1. Login to your Okta admin dashboard.

  2. Click Applications.

  3. Click Dovetail.

  4. Click Edit beside General Settings.

  5. For Grant type, select Implicit (Hybrid).

  6. For Login initiated by, select Either Okta or App.

  7. If you want Dovetail to be visible to your users select the appropriate Application visibility.

  8. In a new tab go to your Dovetail workspace security settings and copy the Initiate login URI.

  9. Return to Okta settings, paste the URI in Initiate login URI.

  10. Click Save.

Add values to Dovetail

Using the Okta application’s Client ID and Client secret values you can Configure OpenID Connect directly in Dovetail.

In the Discovery URL input, enter https://YOUR_OKTA_DOMAIN/.well-known/openid-configuration where YOUR_OKTA_DOMAIN is the domain of the Okta application’s Issuer. For example, if Issuer was you would enter

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