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Analysis + Repository and Enterprise

This feature is only available on our Analysis + Repository or Enterprise plans. Check out our pricing page for more information about these plans.

Pricing page

As an admin, you can set up custom feeds for your workspace. Users will see it as soon as it's created, and updates are instant.

To create your custom feed:

  1. Click Explore in the top navigation.

  2. Click the + New Feed button.

  3. Pick your emoji and give your feed a title

  4. Configure the search to your liking - note that results load immediately behind the configuration panel.

All users see the custom feeds, though only admins can edit the search queries.

Additional custom feeds will flow onto a new line, meaning you can have many custom feeds in the long term. Admins can reorder custom feeds by dragging and dropping them. Custom feeds can have titles up to 200 characters long.

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Matt Russell

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Last updated 1 October 2021
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