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Create and update project views

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Views offer new powerful ways analyze your data and give you the flexibility to choose your own synthesis process in Dovetail.

Create a new Notes, Highlights, or Insights view. Customize the content your view displays using filters and field visibility, and organize your content using sorts and filters.

Creating a new view

You can create as many or as few views as you like from within any project. To create a new view, click the +Add a view button in the project sidebar.

Customizing your view

By default, new views automatically display all content in an unordered way. You can customize what content is displayed in each view and organize it to suit your needs. For example, in a project with multiple data types (e.g. interviews and NPS responses), you may want to create a Highlights view to analyze just NPS responses, and order them by NPS score.

To create a custom view:

  1. Use Filter to display content only relevant to that view.

  2. Apply a Sort to order content.

  3. Use the Fields button to show or hide field values.

Note: the power of views lies in fields. Fields contain structured data in notes and insights. Learn more about fields →

Renaming a view

You can rename a view at any time by clicking on the view name in the top bar and typing a new name.

Deleting a view

To delete a view:

  1. Open the view you want to delete

  2. Click the more (•••) button in the top right corner of the view

  3. Click Delete

Giving feedback on views

We'd love to hear your feedback! You can give feedback at any time via the Give Feedback buttons available in the top right corner of a view and from within the project sidebar. Our product team reads all feedback and uses it to improve Dovetail!

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