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Dovetail Zapier App reference

See what sort of things you can do with our Zapier integration.

Zapier lets you connect apps together and move data around using automated workflows called Zaps. Our Zapier integration has one Trigger and one Action to help you move data between Dovetail and other apps you use.


Import data to Dovetail with a Zapier Action

Actions help you get data into Dovetail from other apps. For example, using an Action, you could create notes from SurveyMonkey responses, save Twitter mentions as notes, or create notes from new Jira issues. Dovetail’s Zapier App has the following Action:

Create Note

Creates a new note in a Dovetail project.

Input fieldTypeDescriptionProjectUUID (selected in menu)Project where the note should be created. Required.GroupUUID (selected in menu)Group where the note should be created. The note will be created in the first group if a group is not set.TitlePlain textThe title of the note. Title will be ‘Untitled note’ if a title is not set.ContentPlain text or HTMLThe HTML content of the note. Content will be empty if the content is not set.Analyze sentimentBooleanWhether to automatically tag sentences in the content with ‘Positive’ or ‘Negative’. Default is off.Append content if note existsBooleanWhether to append new content to the end if a note already exists with this title. Default is off.

Any fields that have been added to notes will also be available as options to populate when creating a new note.


Export data from Dovetail with a Zapier Trigger

Triggers help you get data out of Dovetail and into other apps. For example, using a Trigger, you could post new published insights to a Slack room, save them in Trello, or embed them in a Confluence page. Dovetail’s Zapier App has the following Trigger:

New Insight

Triggers when a new insight is published.

Response fieldTypeDescriptionAbstractPlain textThe first 200 characters of the insight content. Can be empty or null.Cover imageURLThe URL for the cover image, if the cover image is set. Can be null.CreatedDateThe date the insight was created.IDUUIDThe unique ID of the insight.Presentation URLURLA direct URL to the presentation mode of the insight.ProjectPlain textThe title of the project or ‘Untitled project’ if not set.PublishedBooleanWhether the insight is published or not.TitlePlain textThe title of the insight or ‘Untitled insight’ if not set.URLURLA direct URL to the insight.

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