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Downgrade your subscription

If you're currently on a paid subscription and you can downgrade to the free version of Markup, Playback, or Backstage. You can view a breakdown of the included features and pricing for each plan on our pricing page.

To remove a product from your paid subscription while keeping access to other paid products:

  1. Click the ☰ menu in the top left of the screen.

  2. Click Billing.

  3. Click Edit subscription.

  4. Select Change plan for the product you wish to downgrade

  5. Choose the free plan for that product

  6. Click Save and Continue.

To downgrade to free you must ensure that you have no more than 3 users with access to the product you care downgrading . You can adjust access and remove users by following the steps at Update workspace access roles

To cancel your subscription and downgrade all products to free, see Cancel your subscription.

Downgrading to free

If you downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan for any of our products, your data will be retained in the workspace. Depending on the which plan your workspace previously purchased, you may be restricted from using certain features available in the corresponding plan. You will be advised in a message prior to downgrading.

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