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Explore your research repository

The Explore page in Playback allows you to explore your research repository to find relevant research. The page is made up of a popular feed, and custom feeds your admin has configured. This takes some of the learning curve out of getting started with Dovetail, and gets users connected with valuable research quickly.

The popular feed makes it easy to find what everyone is talking about. You won't need to ask someone to share the link to that spicy insight that everyone is talking about any more. Instead, you can visit the Explore page, knowing you'll get it right away. Better yet, you don't need to know about what's trending - we do the lifting for you.

How it works We use an algorithm to rank everything in your repository on a popularity spectrum. This takes into account viewership, likes, comments, and recency, among other things. This means we promote new content that is gaining traction with users, and with passing time its popularity erodes.

The Custom feeds

Right next to the popular feed, you might notice some additional feeds you can view. These are feeds your admin has set up. They can show any kind of Dovetail content, just like a search. For details on how to configure custom feeds, check out this help article.

Custom feeds give you a window into Dovetail research, based on specific parameters set up by your admin. You could have the latest interviews with a given persona, recently published stories, or any number of things.

Clicking on a custom feed opens the results of that search. All users in the workspace see the same set of custom feeds.

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Matt Russell

Product Manager

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Last updated 24 March 2022
2 min read

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