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How to collaborate on reports

Bring in stakeholders from across your organization to enhance the impact of your research.

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Collaborating on reports is fun.

One of the major advantages of using Dovetail stories for reporting is the additional collaboration features that are usually absent from more traditional reporting formats like PDFs. In this guide, learn how to use our collaboration features to maximize your research's impact.

Collaboration features in stories

  • Share links that allow you to notify stakeholders about your recent research findings

  • Inline and page comments that allow you to start a conversation with your team directly in a story

  • @ mention tagging that can be used to draw specific team members’ attention to a noteworthy finding or piece of evidence

Who this guide is for

This guide is suitable for anyone looking to share the output of their research with their teams or the wider organization. A few examples of roles that could benefit from this guide include:

  • Researchers looking for a compelling way to share the outcome of their research projects with stakeholders

  • Designers looking for a way to present design research to their team

  • Product managers looking to compile research around a theme or topic (for example a bug, or a roadmap decision)

Get everyone involved!

Collaborating on reports has never been easier! Start a conversation with your team, share your findings far and wide, pull in your stakeholders and get them involved in your research with the features below.

You can share your stories with your team, other research or product teams, leadership—or anyone who will benefit from your customer insights—using the share link in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar.

Start the conversation!

You can ignite conversation by using inline and page comments in your stories. Just drop a comment inline in the block editor or at the end of the page. Be sure you're catching the attention of your colleagues by @ mentioning them.

Share and collaborate on your research now

Don't let reports become shelf-ware. Once you've made an awesome, visually stunning, and evidence-rich report in stories—go and get the word out!

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