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Helpful resources

We sometimes get asked for educational content and training material on “best practices” in Dovetail. While we don’t have any official courses or training material, we’ve put together a list of helpful resources created by us and by others on the web.

Official resources

Product help center

Product documentation along with billing, security, legal, and more.

Slack community

Share your knowledge, ask questions, and learn how researchers are using Dovetail to improve how research gets done in organizations worldwide.

Getting started with Dovetail videos

A walkthrough of all of the features and functionality in a Dovetail project. See how to bring your research data into Dovetail, and start analyzing it using highlights, tags, and charts.

Method in Madness blog

Our official online publication, Method in Madness explores the craft and challenges of understanding people while working in the madness of organizations worldwide.

Convince your boss

Business case template

Build a case for adopting Dovetail. This template includes many of the standard questions that may be asked of you when adopting new software or tools.

Customer case studies

Check out a few write-ups of other companies deploying Dovetail successfully.

Analysis and taxonomies

What we learned from creating a tagging taxonomy

Tomer Sharon (ex-Google, WeWork, and Goldman Sachs) wrote this excellent piece on our blog Method in Madness which goes into detail about how him and his team set up their tag taxonomy in Dovetail.

Tagging interviews for analysis on Medium

This article by Mathilde Dongala for UX Collective covers tagging interviews in Dovetail and includes a recommendation for how to structure notes and tags in Dovetail.

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g)

Our friends at NN/G have some content that can be applied to analysis in Dovetail, including How to Analyze Qualitative Data from UX Research: Thematic Analysis and a video called Thematic Analysis of Qualitative User Research Data.

Research repositories

GitLab’s Handbook: Documenting Research Findings

One of our customers, GitLab, has kindly documented how they use Dovetail as their internal research repository. This is one section in their public employee handbook that’s available online for anyone to look at.

Creating WeWork’s Polaris research repository in Dovetail

The man, the myth, the legend Kai Forsyth penned this practical piece on how to set up Dovetail to be similar to WeWork’s famous ‘Polaris’ research repository tool.

Professional training

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g)

Learn about user experience from world-class experts. Build skills in live training and workshops, with the option to earn UX Certification. Their offering includes:

Other online resources

GitLab’s Handbook: Dovetail Tips & Tricks

GitLab have also shared some Dovetail tips and tricks that could be useful.

Femke’s video “Become a superhero with Dovetail”

Design YouTuber Femke made this 11 minute long video about Dovetail where she covers the basics with the product.

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