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How to pay for Dovetail products

You can pay for your Markup, Playback or Backstage subscriptions automatically at the start of each billing period using a credit card. If you are purchasing an annual subscription for over $2,400 USD, we can email an invoice for you to pay within 30 days. We accept credit card or ACH payments to an account in the United States.

Pay automatically by card

Upgrade your free subscription and choose to pay by card during checkout. We’ll securely send your credit card details to our payments provider Stripe, who will automatically charge the card at the beginning of each billing period (month or year).

Pay manually by invoice

If you choose to pay your subscription by invoice, you’ll receive an email containing the payment instructions at the start of each billing period. The invoice is sent by our payments provider Stripe, but it’ll have our company name: Dovetail Research Pty. Ltd.

You can pay invoices immediately by credit card via Stripe (recommended), or you can transfer an ACH or Wire payment to our bank account.

How do I add credit card on file?

We take a different approach to how we sell software. We don‘t believe in pushy sales teams. Instead, we focus on building incredible software that‘s affordable, easy to use, and that you can try for free without a credit card or a sales conversation. We believe this is the way people want to purchase.

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Kai Forsyth

Revenue Operations Lead

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Last updated 24 March 2022
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