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Upload images, audio, video and other files

Simply drag and drop files into notes, tag descriptions, and insights.

You can drag and drop files into notes, tag descriptions, and insights. Simply select one or multiple files on your computer and drag them into the editor.

Files will appear straight away, but the upload happens in the background. You can continue working while your files are uploading; just don’t close your browser window and everything should be peachy!

Supported file types

Dovetail supports all files however only images, audio, and video files show inline previews. Feel free to add other files like documents, spreadsheets, and zip files, but you’ll need to open these with your browser as Dovetail can’t display these file types inline.

Downloading a file

To download a file, click Open (Diagonal arrow) or click the Actions (···) menu, then Open. Dovetail generates a secure access URL for you to open and download files.

Hiding image previews

Dovetail will automatically generate image previews for JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, GIF and SVG files. Click the Actions (···) menu in the top right of an image, then click Hide preview to hide the image preview.

Managing your files

You can copy and paste files between notes and projects and delete files by removing them from your note, tag description, or insight. Dovetail will keep track of where files are referenced and automatically delete files that have no references.

File size limits

Please see our Technical limits for information.

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Updated 21 Jan 2019


Benjamin Humphrey

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