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Import data from Zoom

Get your data from Zoom into Dovetail in a few simple steps.

You can export recordings and transcriptions from Zoom into Dovetail for analysis in a few steps. Please note that transcripts are only available for those on a Zoom Business or Enterprise plan.

Export recordings and transcripts from Zoom

Meetings can be recorded in Zoom by selecting the Record on this Computer or Record to the Cloud options.

Recording options in Zoom

After the meeting ends, your recording will be available on your computer’s file system or can be retrieved from the Zoom web portal.

To download your recording from the Zoom web portal:

  1. Navigate to My Recordings.
  2. Choose the name of the recorded meeting.
  3. Click Download.

Zoom cloud recording list in Zoom web portal

The audio, video, and transcript file (if available) will be included in your download.

Import recordings and transcripts into Dovetail

Once you have your recording file from Zoom, this can be uploaded to Dovetail where it can be stored and played back by your team.

To upload your recording:

  1. Open or create a note where you want to import the recording to.
  2. Drag and drop the recording into the note, or click the attachment icon to select the recording.

You can also copy the content of your transcript into Dovetail for analysis.

To copy your transcript:

  1. Open the transcript .txt file included in the download.
  2. Copy the content of transcript file to your clipboard.
  3. Paste the content into a note.

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Updated 23 Mar 2020


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