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Import Zoom cloud recordings

Connecting your Zoom account to Dovetail enables you to import cloud recordings directly into a note in Dovetail to transcribe and analyze with highlights and tags.

Connect your Zoom account

To connect your Zoom account:

  1. Click your avatar in the sidebar.

  2. Click Profile.

  3. Click Zoom.

  4. Click Set up Zoom.

  5. Log into Zoom with your Zoom account details.

  6. Click Authorize.

When you connect Zoom to Dovetail, you will grant Dovetail access to your individual user meeting recordings and your Zoom user details. We use this information to display and import your cloud recordings to Dovetail, and to link your Zoom user account with Dovetail.

If you're having trouble connecting the right Zoom account, please log out of Zoom in your web browser first and then follow the steps above.

Import recording into Dovetail

Once you have connected your Zoom account, you import recordings into Dovetail where it can be stored and played back by your team.

Once connected to Zoom, to import your cloud recording:

  1. Click Data in the sidebar.

  2. Click + Add data.

  3. Click to create a new note.

  4. Click the Zoom button.

  5. Choose the cloud recording.

  6. You can then follow the steps to transcribe your Zoom recording.

Disconnecting your Zoom account

If you wish to disconnect Zoom account from Dovetail:

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  2. Click Manage, then Installed Apps, or search for Dovetail app.

  3. Click the Dovetail app.

  4. Click Uninstall.

When you disconnect Dovetail, we will no longer have access to your cloud recordings or your Zoom user information. Any recordings that you have imported into Dovetail before disconnecting will not be deleted and will remain in Dovetail.

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