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Dovetail maintains liability insurance policies with Chubb Insurance. Our policies include multi-million dollar aggregate limits. Dovetail has insuring agreements for events appropriate for our business, including coverage for:

  • Infringement of intellectual property

  • Privacy and network security

  • Regulatory fines

  • Media liability

  • Contractually assumed patent liability

  • Liquidated damages

  • Data loss

  • Incident response

  • Business interruption

  • Data and system recovery

  • Cyber extortion

  • Cyber crime

  • Public liability

  • Product liability

  • Cyber liability

Dovetail also maintain relevant insurance for our business operational facilities and workers compensation insurance for employees.

For more information about our coverage areas and aggregate limits, please contact your account manager.

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Kai Forsyth
Revenue Operations Lead
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Last updated 9 November 2020
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