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Introduction to Stories

Stories are a way to get your whole team involved in consuming insights. You can now create beautiful, engaging reports with evidence embedded directly within. Rather than create offline reports that are immediately stale, stories have an always-live, media-rich report experience. Embed highlights to watch videos directly from the story or click to view the raw data to gain more context.

Our block editor makes it simple to organize your content to tell a compelling narrative. You can create multi-column layouts, drag and drop the content within layouts and add sticky notes to emphasize key points or takeaways. Headings and section dividers give you the ability to create a clear structure and group your insights.

You can understand the impact of your research with read receipts. In the top right corner of your story you can see which of your teammates have viewed each of your stories, as well as the total number of viewers. Stories are global, which enables you and stakeholders to uncover and categorize research themes from multiple projects, past and present. Any Playback contributor can create and share stories, including free viewers.

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Matt Russell

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Last updated 11 July 2022
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