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Invite people to your team

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Last updated June 28, 2018

Anyone on the team can invite new people and it won’t affect your bill. We charge a fixed price per month for the whole team, regardless of how many members there are.

Invite someone to your team

Screenshot of the team members page invite field

To invite someone to your team:

  1. Click Menu (☰).
  2. Click Members.
  3. Under Invite someone, type an email address.
  4. Click Send invite.

No invite emails?

If you’ve invited someone but they haven’t received an email, ask them to check their spam folder or company email policy. We’ve had cases where a company firewall has blocked our emails from reaching inboxes.

If you’re still having trouble, ask them to create their own account through, then invite them to your team after they’ve signed up. If they refresh their team page, they’ll see a message saying they’ve been invited to your team. They can then click a Join team to accept.

All help articles/Manage your team