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Invite users to your workspace

You can invite other users to your workspace to share your projects. If you’d like to control what projects they can view and edit, see Restrict project access.

To invite other people:

  1. Click the + Create button in the top right of the screen.

  2. Click Invite users.

  3. Type an email address in the input.

  4. Add an optional personal message.

  5. Select the role type (Admin, User, or Viewer).

  6. Click Send invite.

When selecting a role, the options you have are limited based on your own role. For example, users can only invite other users, and not admins.

Invite users to your trial workspace

If you are in a team and looking to collaborate together during a trial, you can also invite other people to your trial workspace using the same steps above.

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Last updated 20 October 2021
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