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Manage multiple highlights on a tag

Get started

Here’s how to get started managing multiple highlights on a tag:

  1. Visit a tag.

  2. Click the checkbox on a highlight to enter selection mode..

  3. Click the checkboxes to select highlights.

  4. Click 5 selected (the number may vary).

  5. Click Copy…, Move…, or Delete.

Merging tags on the same board

To merge two tags together on the same board; all you need to do is drag the tag that you want to merge onto another tag on your board.

  1. Select your tag/s to be merged.

  2. Drag and hover your selected tag/s over the top of an existing tag.

  3. Once the selected tag/s are partially transparent, let go and drop these into one another.

  4. At this point, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to merge all of your highlights. Click Merge tags to action the merge.

Please note that the tag/s you’re merging will be deleted, along with any description or comments.

Merging tags on different boards

If the tags you want to merge are on different boards, you’ll need to swap the tag on all of Tag A’s highlights with Tag B, or vice-versa. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit Tag A.

  2. Click the Checkbox on the first highlight to enter selection mode.

  3. Hold Shift and click the last highlight to select all highlights.

  4. Click 5 selected (the number may vary).

  5. Click Swap tag….

  6. Find and select Tag B.

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Last updated 24 March 2022
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