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Ways to pay for your subscription

Last updated January 21, 20191 minute read

You can pay for your subscription automatically at the start of each billing period using a credit card, or we can email an invoice for you to pay within 30 days by credit card or wire bank transfer. Invoice-based billing is only available on our Enterprise plan.

Pay automatically

Upgrade your team to a paid subscription and choose Pay by card during the checkout flow. We’ll securely send your credit card details to our payments provider Stripe, who will automatically charge the card at the beginning of each billing period (month or year).

Pay by invoice

If you choose to pay your subscription by invoice, you’ll receive an email containing the payment instructions at the start of each billing period. The invoice is sent by Stripe, not us, so unfortunately it’s not customizable.

You can pay the invoice immediately by credit card (recommended) or you can wire a USD payment to our bank account in Australia:

  • Currency: US Dollar (USD)
  • Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Branch name: Martin Place
  • Account number: 06 2948 2023 9689
  • IBAN: 06294820239689

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